Cosmetic Dentistry


A crown is a metal or porcelain covering placed over the tooth's surface. You may need a crown if a filling is not enough to give a tooth proper structure; to fix fractures; or to lend support for bridges.

A crown typically consists of 2 appointments. Impressions are made so the custom crown can be fabricated. A temporary crown is put in place and when the custom crown is finished you will return for placement and fitting! All of it is pain-free!


Veneers are a great way to get the smile you've always been looking for! Veneers are a thin sheet of porcelain attached to the front of the teeth, improving shape, size and color. The process is simple:

  • A specific color is chosen
  • Teeth are prepared
  • An impression is taken
  • Bonding adhesive is used to attach the veneers
  • Finally, a light beam is used to set the adhesive

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White Composite Restoration

Do you need a filling to protect your tooth or prevent decay? Previously, gold or silver fillings were used. But with today's technology, natural looking composite resins can be used. These fillings are an attractive option because they look authentic and last for years.

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