I have been a patient of Dr. David Katz for over 20 years. His dental practice has always been a "five star" experience, from the moment you enter the office with a warm greeting from his receptionist to the high quality of dental work in his comfortable and sterile operatories. Having been in the dental field myself as an assistant and office manager for a local orthodontist I recognize quality care and professional attention to the patients needs. I could certainly choose to go to any other local dentist but I feel I am receiving the best care from his entire dental team. All the equipment is "state of the art" and his staff are highly trained and proficient in their skills. I would without question refer Dr. Katz to anyone needing dental work. His office is conveniently located in a secure and handicapped accessible building with ample parking in the front and rear of the building. Dr. Katz is calming and compassionate to any apprehensive patient who might have a fear of dentistry. Kudos to the Doctor and staff.

Debra Ducharme - Lynn, MA

I have been a patient of Dr. Katz for 20 years and have nothing but positive things to say about him and his staff. He is like an old friend who makes me feel comfortable and relaxed and always approaches his work with total professionalism. As a pharmacist, I frequently have the opportunity to refer patients to Dr. Katz, and needless to say, I consistently do.

Not surprisingly, I have always been very pleased with the quality and consistency of his work, his attention to detail and his ability to get a positive result from even the most challenging of situations. He takes the time to explain what he is doing and why, so I feel confident and secure when he suggests a procedure. If I have questions or concerns, he always finds time to address them and I never feel rushed or hurried.

His staff is outstanding, and the chemistry between them is quite evident. It's obvious they all like working together, and I can truly say that I can't remember a visit where conversations didn't end with good-natured banter and laughter; I always leave with a smile on my face. As long as Dr. Katz is practicing, he will be my dentist.

Alan Kramer - Swampscott, MA

I have been a patient at Dr. Katz & Co since 1982. This time span includes when I lived in Maynard, MA then Rowley, MA and currently in Newburyport, MA. Why do I continue to drive so far for dental care? It never crossed my mind not to! There were qualified dentists in each location, but none came close to the value, the technical expertise, and the personalized care consistently provided by Dr. Katz and his team.

In addition to providing great preventative care with twice yearly checkups (which includes positive coaching on flossing and brushing techniques, and when needed, a 'heads up' on potential problems to watch for so they don't evolve into major issues), Dr. Katz has a high quality referral network that reflects his own philosophy of patient care when you need specialized service. On two separate occasions, I had root canals that went so smoothly my friends did not believe me. Then it was back to Dr. Katz for temporary crowns (handcrafted so well that smiling and making business presentations was not a problem) and permanent crowns which look so natural I even forget where they are located.

Dr. Katz and his team stays current with technology which reinforces their goal to keep patients as comfortable as possible through any type of treatment plan. The value Dr. Katz provides to his patients is unparalleled in my experience. Recently, my husband made the switch to Dr. Katz after years of saying it was too far for him to travel on a business day. What changed his mind? One visit for a consultation regarding implants was all it took for him to see the difference.

No matter if you are looking for a new dentist for simple preventitive care, or is you have been putting off more serious repairs because of the 'fear factor' or not knowing what it will entail, I strongly suggest you give Dr. Katz & Co. a try. You won't be disappointed!

Mary McGuire - Newburyport, MA

There is nothing as wonderful as finding someone who has dedicated his or her life to being exceptional in their profession and in their ability to perform at the highest of standards.

Such a person is my dentist, Dr. David L. Katz.

I have been a patient since 1983, and even though my husband and I have moved to southern New Hampshire, we drive over 45 miles to continue our dental care with Dr. Katz and his staff. The other professionals working with Dr. Katz, hygienists, office personnel, and dental assistant extrodinaire Diane, are equal to his high standards, and it must be noted that they all have been practicing with Dr. Katz for many years. They are truly a team.

It has always been a pleasure to have our dental needs attended to at Dr. Katz's office. And, we will certainly continue to have them keep the sparkle in our smiles.

Tricia and Rick Schaefer - Chester, NH

I first met Dr. Katz thirty years ago when I moved to Marblehead. About a year later I started going to Dr. Katz for my dental needs and found he and his staff so engaging and professional that I have been going ever since even though I have lived in Boston for twelve years. I have found Dr. Katz and his staff to be as professional yet personable as I could want. Since moving to Boston I have changed all of my other medical professionals, but Dr. Katz is a keeper.

Terry Savage - Boston, MA

From the moment I walk in the door of Dr. Katz's office, I know I'm in good hands. Only my mother takes better care of me! I don't know how he does it, but Dr. Katz makes me feel like I'm the most important patient he has. He is calm, relaxed, informative, patient and gentle. If a visit to the dentist can possibly be pleasant, this is it! As a long-time patient of Dr. Katz, I feel completely confident recommending him to friends. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from the people I've sent. I now consider myself a "recovering denta-phobe" thanks to 20+ years of endless patience shown to me by Dr. Katz and his entire staff.

Thank you for over 20 years of compassionate and technically excellent dental care.

Christine Kowal - Swampscott, MA

What I like best about Dr. Katz & Co. is that the entire staff, including Dr. Katz and every member of his staff, takes time to ask questions about my dental care wishes. They then listen to my answers. The care is always excellent -- the staff takes great pride in their work -- but the atmosphere created by a group of people who actually listen is far beyond anything I experienced before my first visit to Dr. Katz and Co., now more than a decade ago.

George Derringer - Marblehead, MA

There are times when you wonder "Do I really need to get work done on my teeth?" Should I continue to only half smile and keep my lips sealed in fear of others seeing just how bad my teeth have become from my fear of going to the dentist. Oh, you know what I am talking about. You miss a few months, then a few years. Then you feel embarrassed to call for an appointment because now you are afraid the dentist or their staff will yell at you and you will be even more uncomfortable. Can I endure the pain and the hours of sitting in a chair while instruments clamor around in my mouth? The rinse, drink, rinse, drink regiment of the process can be uncomfortable and annoying. Well, let me tell you, MY team, and I say MY team because not only do they make you feel you are in the driver's seat, but they make you feel like part of the family. The process is professional and supportive in all aspects. My teeth were crooked, out of alignment, damaged from grinding in my sleep, and although clean and with only one or two small cavities, I felt very self conscious on how I looked. Let's face it folks, vanity at my age is a constant reminder of what needs to be done to focus on a better me. The team of Dr. Katz has been making smiles for over 25 years, They work not only on your teeth, but on helping you decide what treatment options you have, your insurance carrier coverage's, and most importantly in this economy, payment plans.

After a few visits, and yes a few long sessions in the seat, my smile is beyond what I ever thought it could be. Family, friends and acquaintances' notice it immediately. And as for confidence, all I can say is when I smile I can feel my ears move and I love it. Thank you, Dr. Katz and your team of professional dental partners who have made such a difference in my life.

Christine Fulchino - Nahant, MA

My family and I have been coming to Dr. Katz for 18 years now and each time we go, we feel like we are visiting family.  We all enjoy his winning combination of skilled professionalism and personal warmth. I trust everyone on the staff....they are trained and seasoned professionals and are masters at their craft. I have a set of ivories that are the envy of all of my own patients at the hospital and give me the confidence to smile all the time.

Virginia N.

The Covitz family is thankful to Dr. Katz and his staff for keeping our smiles Happy and Healthy for over twenty years!!

Roger Covitz - Salem, MA

This letter is to express my total satisfaction and appreciation to Dr. David Katz. I have been smiling a whole lot since my dental work was completed. From the beginning of my procedures, the personal touch of the doctor and staff created a degree of confidence that is rare.

My former dentist mentioned many times that my teeth needed some work and I was simply waiting for him to start, which he never did. Now I am confident he was not sure of the outcome and kept finding some other minor work in my mouth to be done but never addressing the major problems.

Dr. David Katz impressed me from the first visit. He was not just a dentist in the traditional understanding, but he also has an engineering background which brought his expertise to the highest level. He has literally altered each tooth, as well as my bite, to get to where I am now. At one point in the process I was satisfied with everything , but Dr. Katz insisted on new visits reaching perfection (at no additional fee), which is greatly appreciated now.

I would highly recommend Dr. David Katz and CO. to anyone seeking an excellent, experienced and considerate dentist, for whom I have the highest regard. If you are thinking about a new beautiful smile, you will not be disappointed when you leave this personable and caring environment.

Mark Fridmar - Lynn, MA

This chronic grinder owes Dr. Katz and his entire team a debt of gratitude!  Without their skill and dedication, I would  have destroyed my own teeth.  With that skill and dedication, I am happy to say that all my teeth are my own!

In addition, they have kept the teeth and gums of my entire family healthy and beautiful for over twenty years.  They continue to come through for us whenever and whatever our dental needs are.

Many thanks and smiles!

Donnalynn Dispirito - Marblehead, MA

I have been Dr. Katz’s patient and friend since the 1980s.  He’s the most caring, professional and competent dentist I’ve ever known.  A key to his professional success is his inquiring mind and keen diagnostic skills.

I’ve lived in the Washington, DC area for the past several years and have established relationships with local dentists for practical reasons. When I need anything more than a routine procedure however, I always make an appointment with David Katz.

Richard P. Norris - Middleburg, VA

David Katz has been our dentist for 25+ years.  We willingly drive over an hour each way to continue in his care.  Ethical, current and highly knowledgeable, he has our complete confidence. His work has been consistently thorough and of the highest caliber.  We recommend him without reservation...if fact, our daughter now travels to him from Portland, Maine!

Michelle Genereux and Joseph Campione - East Kingston, NH

I must pass dozens of dentists’ offices on my drives to visit Dr. Katz.  I began going to Dr. Katz on the recommendation of a co-worker in Boston over 10 years ago.  At that time I lived in Boston and had a relatively short drive to Salem.  I now live in Acton, over an hour’s drive from Dr. Katz’s office, and I never considered a change.  I have always received great care from Dr. Katz and his staff, and I’ll be continuing my drives to visit them.

Jim K.

We have been going to Dr. Katz for over 20 years.  We first went to him when his office was in Marblehead and we were within walking distance.  For the last 12 years we have lived in Harvard which is about 50 miles away but we have never thought for a minute about going to another dentist!  Why would we regularly travel this far for dental work?  There a number of compelling reasons:

Dr. Katz and his staff are extremely competent and professional.  We have had a variety of procedures over the years and each one has gone off without a hitch. We trust them completely. They spend a lot of time explaining options and procedures so you know what to expect. The technology and equipment they use is first rate.

The staff are all so friendly and accommodating.  Have to make an urgent appointment on short notice ? They get you in asap.  Need to change an appointment? Not a problem. They always have a warm greeting and smile when you visit.  Appointments start on-time almost always,  so you are not wasting time in the waiting room.

Chris and Susan Frechette - Harvard, MA

Dear David,

I know that for more than two decades I have expressed my appreciation for your excellent care and the many courtesies extended by your staff.  I’ve referred friends and relatives to you because of my confidence in your skill and because of your rapport with your patients.  You always explain procedures and treatment options that take into account the nature of the procedures as well as cost.  Your staff, from the front desk to the hygienists to your dental assistants and nurses, all treat your patients with respect, caring, and a measured dose of humor.

It may be unusual, but I look forward to going to the dentist.  When I come to your office I am greeted warmly, not kept waiting, and then all I have to do is sit   back and relax while you or your staff does all the work.  With dental work being performed, I can’t take cell phone calls or deal with business or family issues.  All that is missing is a foot massage.  In these times of multi-tasking and constant visual and auditory stimuli, a trip to your office is like a visit to an oasis.

Thank you for your professionalism.

Carl Goodman - Lynn, MA

It’s not “Cheers” and they don’t serve beer, but it is a place “where everybody knows your name.” They know your family, too. And you know theirs. After 25 years here, for me it’s not just about having clean teeth. It’s about catching up with old friends, sharing what’s going on and caring about each other. You wouldn’t expect to find that at the dentist’s office, but you’ll find it here!

Eugenia Fountain - Salem, ma

MAI recently moved to the area. I mentioned to a co-worker who also lives here that I need to find a new Dentist. She strongly insisted that I go to DR. David Katz.

From the first phone call I was impressed. The receptionist was professional, friendly and helped me schedule convenient appointments for my son and I. I had a lot of dental work that I knew needed to be done and corrected. Dr. David Katz and his Dental Assistant were so thorough and worked so well together that the procedures got completed in half the average time. They made sure that I was comfortable throughout every visit. Now the constant pain that I was in is gone and my teeth look amazing.

I am so happy that my co-worker referred me to them. I will confidently tell anyone who is looking for a Dentist, or does not have this kind of treatment with their current Dentist, to call Dr. David Katz.

Kathleen Higgins - Salem, MA

When I first came to Dr. Katz in 1992 with my remaining 13 1/2 crooked teeth, a heritage of the Soviet dentistry, he declared my mouth a disaster. Over years he and his affiliated colleages fixed, rootcanaled, implanted, bridged, crowned, and finally filled my mouth with teeth. Now I have 11 more teeth from Dr. Katz - almost as many as "from God".

I still remember Dr. Katz proudly showing to everyone in the office how he got the shape and color of one my front tooth to another exactly right. Thanks to Dr. Katz,  I am not ashamed of my smile anymore.

Dear Doctor! For me you are the best doctor ever!

Michael Gorenstein - Swampscott, MA


Just wanted to thank you again for your excellent work, along with your compadre, Diane.  You both have made potentially stressful visits bearable and sometimes outright enjoyable!  As for results, I think it's safe to say that my smile looks better today than even my post thumb-sucking braces look...and that's a looong time ago!

Thanks for everything.

David Fox - Arlington, MA

I joined the dental family of Dr. Katz & Co. almost 20 years ago, after a recommendation from a close friend.  I have never been happier with the way my teeth look! From general dentistry to giving me a beautiful smile, Dr. Katz has worked on my teeth over the past 20 years with amazing results.

Dr. Katz and his assistant Diane are extremely talented and knowledgeable in their field. I always feel totally confident in their hands. In fact, everyone in the office from Donna at the front desk to my dental hygienist Linda are excellent at what they do.

Thank you Dr. Katz and Co. I love my smile and I think all of you are awesome!

Cathy Tarr - Saugus, MA

If you just need a cleaning, any dentist will do. If you're looking for top-notch customer service, a welcoming staff, and valuable take-home knowledge, make an appointment with Dr. Katz. My mouth and I have had nothing but positive experiences in his care.

Mike Briddon - Swampscott, MA

Over the years, Dr. Katz and his team have provided me with an extremely high level of care and personal sensitivity. He has earned my trust. Furthermore it has been interesting to me, as an architect, to discuss the structural similarities in our work while appreciating the precise tolerances of his dentistry.

Jim Velleco - Marblehead, MA